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Welcome to Adamzworld

My mind is a world full of imagination. A world with out rules and endless creative thought. All forms of art allows me to express my inner feelings and convey my message. The use of my color can show the attitude, while the lettering is small details to the feeling. Art allows me to create a peice that is my version, sight and my passion. Inspired by other Artist, Animators and Entrepreneurs is what you can see with all of my work and sense of direction. The work is a variety of landscapes, animals, mythology and much more.


    Adam Santana was born and raised in Oxnard, California. Since the tender age seven, Adam sparked a strong interest in Art. His dream since then was to bring his imagination to life in any way shape or form possible. Through out his childhood years he stayed and continued working at his passion in different ways. Adam was inspired by Walt Disney and his creative mind. Animation was a challenge that would bring his art work to another level. Adam graduated from The Art Institute of Los Angeles. Attending the school took his raw talent and simply brought it life. During his stay, he learned the craft of animation, 2D and 3D. as well as learning multiple programs for special effects, video and other multimedia such as Photoshop, Maya, 3D Max , After Effects just to name a few. Adam was hand selected by the school to be a part of the animation team “Red Giant”. “Red Giant” is the group of top artist and animators at The Art Institute of Los Angeles, which is put together by to two of the top teachers. In less than 12 months, Adam became the team leader. Shortly after, Adam then graduated from the school with a Bachelors Degree (Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation). At this point he had become a polished sword ready for the world. Once ready, he started by teaming up with his mentor and partner who is also a great artist to move fourth a clothing line “Devilish Gear” that has been a powerful movement. “Devilish Gear” has given Adam great exposure and along with opening several doors of opportunity. Following, Adam later created “ADAMZWORLD.” This was a time for Adam to show his imagination. He then learned the craft of networking and has applied it to the fullest extent. Recognition in Hollywood was his yearning. Though this, Adam would have his name out and slowly show his work to the world. During his adventure, he started to meet a lot of celebrities, from actors, baseball players, music artist and realty celebrities. His work made it on “WHEELS 2000”magazine.Networking was paying off and, and through his numerous encounters and friendships within the industry, he later then painted a beautiful canvas for “BONEZ” from the hit show on VH-1 “I LOVE NY”.The painting then caught the attention of another reality celebrity “HEAT” from I LOVE NY. It was another milestone for Adam. He then teamed up with the “PARTY BOYZ”, “Heat and 12pack”. He was given the opportunity to show his work even more. Adam made an appearance on a VH-1 special for the “PARTY BOYZ” showcasing his art work on national television on the show “WHERE ARE THEY NOW.”Adam was then featured on VBLAZIN MAGAZINE as a featured artistand also featured artist for He has made a few more cameo appearances with “HEAT” on shows such as VH-1’s “I LOVE MONEY” Special and “NEW YORK GOES TO HOLLWOOD” special. Also showing his craft skill of video effects for music video “TOXICATED”– Shortee D and the Playathugs ft. I Love Money's Heat and Rock Of Love's Brittanya.






Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, 3D Max, Maya, Storyboarding, Drawing, Design, Structural Drawing, Sculpting, Conceptual Art, Matte Painting, Conceptual Developer.


Logo Design "Mind Right Body Tight" seen on TV Show "Sweat Inc" with Jillian Michaels for SPIKE TV


Art work "Ferrets" featured on "Four Paws and Big Hearts" 

Featured artist on "" for merchandise store.


Art Design "Fox Nerd" featured on as a weekly pick.


Featured Artist in "The Rythmic Lounge Magazine" for issue MAR/APR


T-Shirt Designs found and featured on "". 

Placed on the 25 most unique owl designs.


Magazine Design for "Bangin' Bay" Featured on NBC Channel 7 News


Special Effects for "Toxicated" Music Video featured on Bonus DVD - Euro Disco 2010 (Compliation CD)


Flyer Design for  Bangin' Bay - All City Jam featured on NEWS


Art Work Featured On VH1 - "Where Are They Now"

(The Men of "I Love New York")


T-Shirt Art Work Featured On - "New York Goes To Hollywood"


T-Shirt Art Work Featured On VH1 - "I Love Money" 1 & 2 Reunion


Nominated & Winner for "Best Myspace Page Design" - Featured on Hookjaw Radio


Featured Artist on "VBLAZIN Magazine"


"Person Of The Month" - Designer / Animator - March 2K10 - People Plus Magazine


Special Effects for "Toxicated" Music Video featured on


Featured Artist - "Miz B Havin Spotlight": - August 08

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