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your dreams come true when you add the right ingredient and that is action

behind the art

Are you an artist that is just starting?  Well you have reached the right site and page. In this section you will find useful information. Art is a talent that can let you express to the world your imagination and creative thought. It is not only a talent, but it has a place in business. In this section you will find images of art in the process. A behind the scene look of paintings, drawings, sketchings. Also showing the power of knowelege and motivational videos. How music and books can get you well ahead. You can find links to resources that will further you with your journey of success. All artist have different ways of starting out with there peice. This will give you more of an insight of what goes into the process. Where to get your creative ideas. You can find ways to make money with your art and show case your work. 

Know your craft

Knowing your craft and studying your craft is very important. It puts you way ahead of the competition. Study the business and the greats. Learn from past experiences that others have been challenged by. Art has evolved over the centuries and is tied in to business. Knowing both Art and Business is like a lethal weapon. But the more you involve yourself and dedicate your time to learning more. You will see a big difference in your work.

Creation Process

Everyone starts off there work different from each other. Some just put there pencil right down on the paper. Some take there time and get creative block. Whatever works for you is best. But I recommend that you doodle your ideas down. Get the creativeness going. Put some color down if that wil help. Look for reference, find something to inspire your work. Don't worry to much about the cleanup process, that is last. The most important part is the idea. You can have a whole book of doodles and when your ready take action. Love your idea, create it, clean it up, color it and show the world your work.

Study & Learn from the GREATS

Studying the greats is very important. Below is a few videos of great artist from the past. See what they did with there artistitc talents. Reading is a great way to learn, but video speaks a thosand words more. This will give you more of a push forward to your talent. They all went above and beyond and so can you.


It is not easy to get up everyday and feel modivated. We are only human. With that in mind, we need an additive that will help us everyday to stay in course. Stay in the lane of success. Modivation speakers, mentors and videos can get the wheels turning for you. It will give you that extra push. Its a reminder of your ambitions to succeed. We can say we know all of this, but are we acting upon it?


Find that perfect place, that perfect store where you can find your supplies. There are several different locations, but find one that fits you best. Always look for sales., you can get a lot more for your money. You are going to want a store that has people who know your craft and in that location there should be a wide selection. Every place is different and everyone has a different style for there art. Everything from paints, pencils and paper.

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