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I feel that reading is very important. Its a way of lifting weights with your brain. I challenge you to read and tell me you haven't seen results. Successful people read several books a year. Its like being in the MATRIX. Your plugging in lots of knowledge and boosting yourself up.


Be sure to follow the facebook page for "Books Of Knowledge". In this page you will find books that I have read and comments about each book. Plus other book related subjects. Books are very important and Ill will be sure to comment on the must have books. Plus mention books that I highly recommend.


TAI LOPEZ speaks about reading books.

Why I read a book a day (and why you should too): the law of 33% | Tai Lopez

Books I Have Read

Here are some of the books that I have read. Over time I have seen results and benefits of reading. Knowledge gets you ahead of the competition and a lot further to where you want to be. Challenge yourself and see the results.

Speed Reading

Read rapidly by assimilating several phrases or sentences at once. Is this possible? Good question. Have you tried it? Here are two videos that will give you an idea of how it works. You be the judge and come to your conclusion.

Howard Berg the Worlds Fastest Reader on The Business Spotlight TV show

The Science Behind Reading Speed - College Info Geek


The Importance of a library is that it serves everyone and offers opportunity. Its a place for kids and Adults



Go to your local library and get your card right away. The library is a gold mine. Knowledge is sitting on the shelf and is waiting for you. The best thing is that its FREE. We don't take notice of the small things around us. Once you have gone down the path of reading and have seen your results. Your perception of the library will change forever. It covers everything that you need to know. Pick up a book in your industry. Read as many as you can, upload all this free knowledge and learn from the greats. History teaches us lessons to learn. We don’t have to experience it ourselves. We can read about it and make our decisions for our paths.

Book Markers

Book markers can serve more than just saving a page, but can always change your mood.

Visuals, colors and words actually play a part in our lives, believe it or not. But words that we see and read can really shape the mood. That is why quotes are very popular. They are everywhere. It is nice to read a quote or some sort of words that inspire us. It gets our day going. I believe in having a good book marker. Something that gets you going and ready to read. Its a way to pump you up and  give you a reminder. Just those few words can give a good push of motivation.

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