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Harley Quinn Painting

Here’s a painting I did of Harley Quinn. I have done a few pieces of fan art before, but I wanted to try something that had more color to it. Harley Quinn‘s character in the movie suicide squad was a bit different from her old style. Her old style was a red and black outfit. In the movie she’s in a colorful outfit this time. There’s a lot more detail that has to go into this painting. I love the detail. I feel the more detail, the more work and the more challenge. I like creating a background that blends colors and a lot of mixtures at the same time. Keeping part of the subject pink, purple and blue’s. Some real chill colors that go together. On part of her face she has make up that’s washing off from her eyes. I actually added water to give it that effect. To let it drip. Adding water to my acrylic painting is just another technique I use to soften up the blend and to create the drip effect. Creating the fence in the background took some time since it’s a chain-link fence, it takes a while to work it but it was fun creating it. Like I said it’s a challenge and I’m up for it. I don’t usually do a lot of portrait of people, usually animals and nature. But I’m starting to get back into doing other things outside the box. I might do a few more fan art pieces, maybe Batman. Well, will see what my creative mind has in store.

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