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Michael Jackson Painting

I love music and I have a few artist that I really follow. One of them is Michael Jackson. In the past I have created fan Art of him. I created some old pieces of him with vector art, but not with acrylic paint. I had this interest of creating a design with paint. Not using color, but with black and white. Michael Jackson is known for many things other than his music. Its his dance moves, his dress style. The way he carries himself as a king in a royal fashion. We can't forget about the socks and the glove he wears. Also that hat and the list goes on. I like when he does his pose of kicking up his leg in the air. Having a portrait of someone is a lot better when there is action involved with it. You can really feel it. So I chose a style that I thought worked. I emphasized on the body gesture and the body portions. Exaggerating his arms and legs to give it a good stretched feeling. I like making my backgrounds distorted a bit. Where its like a blur of something back there. But the main focus should be the subject of the painting. There are ways of doing this with color. But if its black & white, you can just add some distortion. I also like to pay attention to detail. Making sure there is enough to get the viewers eyes moving along. I had a lot of fun creating this one piece. I know this wont be the last one I do of him. I still have a few other music artist that I would like to do.

michael jackson

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