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My Top 5 POD Sites

Print on demand (POD) sites are very popular today in age. I think its a great blessing to have them available for artist. Your are now in touch with the world. I remember when there was no such thing as the internet. It was a lot harder back then. But now everything is at your fingertips and with the click of a button. There are a lot of sites that offer this platform, but which one works the best. I can go hours talking about it and the details. But for now, I'm going to just list my top 5 and give a few cents of my opinion on them. So lets start it off from the best to the least. Least is not bad, but the top is a bit better. I use over 18 different ones and counting. So here we go!

1. Redbubble

By far the best. Not just based on sales, but the over all from the experience and what they offer for artist. I have had my account for several of years and its never let me down. They continue to grow and get better every year. I could put pictures and videos on my front page. I can write blogs. I can join groups. They offer so much. If your going to sign up for one, make sure its this one first.

2. Soicety6

Now this is another great site. I love the presentation of this site. Love the feel of it. Really based on fine art and paintings. It also has a mix of other styles as well. They really take care of the artist with a lot of info and help. User friendly and quick upload setting. Making sales on it is great. Love the interaction they have set with other artist.

3. Teepublic

I was contacted by this site years ago. It look more geared toward video games and movies. But I gave it a try with my style of ART. Guess what! I blew up on it. This site is very very very active. I love that they send you templates to help promote sales and they help out artist to. I made a great amount of sales and they sent me a FREE T-shirt of my choice.

4. GrabYourDesign

This is another site that I was contacted by. Never heard of them, have you? I gave it a try and didn't know what to expect. I worked hard on it and the return was mind blowing. There not as active, but sales are a lot more rewarding than most. Never a dull month.

5. Zazzle

This is a site that has been around for a long time. I hear so many things about this site. That it's tough and you don't make any real sales from it. Ummmm... All I have to say is. The harder the work, the bigger the reward. In a short period of time doing 4 digits. This site requires time and patience. But the reward is good.

These are my top 5 POD sites. I have a lot more favorites and would love to share much more info on each. If you are just starting out on one site. My advice would be, be patient. Load, create, load and create. Repeat, repeat, repeat. You have to be active. You have to promote and share. Interact with others. Also run test. Would love to share more, but this will be in further blogs or upcoming videos with the details. I have been working on these sites for a long time and want to help others succeed.

Be sure to visit my official POD sites:

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